Sunday, 20 August 2017

Selected poems (July-August 2017)

(This post was first published on the Ecca Poets blog site)

Best drier

The best drier
of tears
is the wind.

Date: 23.7.2017


Still calls

I put your underpants
back in the drawer,
your t-shirt into the cupboard.

A time will come
to lose
those rituals

but for now
the Wood owl
still calls.

Date: 25.7.2017


In each other

At our usual
picnic spot
on the R63

I stop
to note my gladness
at these places

the country
we shared.

We were
without wanting
to be

a restless pair
forced to travel
these roads

– never really
at home


Date: 16.8.2017

Silke Heiss