Monday, 10 December 2018

The third draft of the second-last section of Greater Matter is with my readers.

Step by step I climb my Heffalump. Minnesinging is the penultimate section, confronting the socially disturbing presence of the single woman. And the question that burns differently for every widowed creature: where to with love when your loved one dies?

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Covenantal selves (another hitherto unpublished poem by Norman Morrissey)

Not long ago I found a poem by Norman, which I remember him drafting back in 2012, over a weekend during which he spoke about almost nothing else (the way I remember it, anyway) - namely, ...

... but I actually don't wish to take the words out of his mouth.

Nowhere else have I seen the concept of 'Ubuntu' - we are what we are, because of others - explicated more exactly or more beautifully than in this poem, which he entitled Covenantal selves.

Click on and scroll down just a little to read this extraordinary, hitherto unpublished poem.

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