Tuesday, 14 January 2020

My Story, or: Prayer is your body's need

My Story is a fascinating and - for me - relatively new feature on the social media.
It invites users to select from the chaos of each day one or more significant moments, which we consider worth sharing, but only for 24 hours.
As I experimented with the possibilities, I began to impose poems upon images.
Now and then, if I liked them enough, I would save and share them privately.
This is one of them.
It has outlived its 24 hours, probably because it is helpful, at least to me.
Even if you have seen it before (it emerged in October last year) I would be glad if it helps you.

Friday, 10 January 2020

And they lived happily ever after ... or: Start now

Once upon a time, I took a photo of fresh Cape clawless otter spoor at the Cape of Good Hope.
Upon a subsequent time, I painted an otter on a t-shirt.
(I found otter scat in the garden around that same time.)
Then I started a blog, and called it '... follow your footsteps'.
I obeyed and did follow my path.
It was an adventurous time.
My feet climbed a big book. (Greater Matter)
They stumbled upon another one. (Sweet Nothings)
Now the feet are sore.
They need rest.
They are living happily ever after.