Sunday, 16 December 2018

Depth and integrity of feeling: Spontaneous interview with Dinosaur Dust Co-Creator Riccardo Smid-Magnanini

Friday afternoon was fun, yet again working with Riccardo in the valley below Tor Doone, at a tiny waterfall I'd not visited before. In this clip he says a few things about what is important to him in the moving images he creates.

It's so interesting to me, who recalls the cynicism 30 years back towards 'happy stories and movies'; a cynicism that was due to the shallowness, indeed, hypocrisy, that seemed unfortunately often to be present, tainting natural happiness - a situation satirised by ... mmm ...

... I believe it might have been Rainer Werner Fassbinder in a science fiction movie - was it World on a Wire? No amount of searching has yielded information regarding in which movie exactly the weather forecaster smiles statically day after day: "Nur Sonne, immer nur Sonne" (Only sun, only ever sun).

At any rate, the big things are surely depth and integrity of feeling, accurately reflecting the complexity of lived moments of experience. This clip by Riccardo, and others, which I've seen, some of which I've had the pleasure of participating in, reflect a shared, ongoing quest for the shimmers of truth as they flicker, moment by moment.

Laura Marling's track, Devil's Spoke, is exquisitely chosen, too.

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