Sunday, 3 February 2019


The poem by Norman Morrissey below is in Strandloop, while the bit by me is an extract from the title poem of my upcoming book of love poems, Path of Beauty. It shows his wisdom in relation to the world is so much greater than mine, though he was more than twenty years younger than I am now when he wrote the poem. May I live up to him yet.



  1. Very unique view of a complicated "society". This should be put on a billboard at Area 51 in Nevada (High security and mysterious military testing site :-)

  2. Thank you for your response and most interesting idea - just imagine that! ... I CAN, I can SEE it - whose permission would one need, I wonder? Certainly one could film it so and then even if it were taken down again, one could spread that lovely thought you have had ... of a canary still singing merrily in the mine shaft ...

    ... reminds me of Fassbinder's Lili Marlene ... how those conscripts listened to the song, suckling on it like babes on the breast ...