Thursday, 15 November 2018

An extract from what is at this stage the opening poem of Section 6, 'Shaman', of Greater Matter


Bumbling through the house
looking for
my next task

I turn
a corner
at a door, and almost

fall –
find my face just short of stuck in the paunch
of a giant –

the ogre
my Experience!

He glowers down at me.
Lucky the house
has such a high ceiling

(you can’t reach the spider webs
even with the longest
feather duster).

My heart is in my throat
and his huge, rough hand
is round my throat

squeezing tight –
what to do?
But before he squashes me completely

he says
I want your attention,
where do you have your dreams?

I point him to the bedroom
and nimble as a baboon
he ducks, moves slowly through the doors,

lumbers around all the corners
and then drops me,
sits beside me,

heavies my eyes
with his rough palm
and all

is darkness.
Days, weeks, months
the monster holds me hostage

his dreams,
and when I blink sometimes between his fingers when they shift

I see him changing –
blue and horned,
gold and maned, black and sleek

he myths the creatures
who once populated places
preceding Eden, even;

but again, again
he makes me
sleep ...


- Silke Heiss

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